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Day Two Cloud 072: VMworld 2020 Analysis And Roundup – Project Monterey And More

Episode 72

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If you think VMware is in trouble because of public cloud, you’re missing one of the largest boats in the IT ocean make a massive course change. Don’t call it a pivot. Call it a series of acquisitions, partnerships, and integrations, all aimed at helping VMware customers transition to the cloud—while keeping them in VMware’s warm embrace.

Our topic today is VMworld 2020 and the most interesting announcements and presentations from VMware and folks in the VMware ecosystem that came out during the virtual event. That includes Project Monterey and the partnerships with nVidia and Pensando, an an announcement from analysis tool vendor Runecast, and highlight from Pure Storage.

We conclude today’s episode with Day Two Cloud’s very first Tech Byte, a 15-minute sponsored conversation we had with Mike Wookey, CTO and VP of Cloud Management at VMware where we get real with AI and ML, because VMware is actually doing something with artificial intelligence for vSAN environments. Mike explains in the Tech Byte at the conclusion of the episode.

Sponsor: BMC

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Show Links:

Project Monterey at VMworld 2020 – Ned In The Cloud (YouTube)

vSphere arrives on ARM, but not for the reason most admins are thinking – Disco Posse

VMware Unveils Project Monterey: Re-Imagining Hybrid Cloud Architecture to Support Next-Generation Applications – VMware

VMware and Pensando Introduce Project Monterey – Tech Field Day

Runecast Presents at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 – Tech Field Day

Pure Storage Presents at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 – Tech Field Day

Pensando Presents at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 – Tech Field Day

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Episode 72