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Day Two Cloud 073: AnsibleFest & HashiConf 2020 Announcements, Analysis & Awesomeness

Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks analyze the big announcements from two conferences the clouderati should care about: AnsibleFest and HashiConf Digital. Both of these were virtual events because there’s still an pandemic on, folks. Speaking of which, how do Ned and Ethan feel about virtual events? Not great, really. Slidewhipping the attendees in multi-day webinars seems to be how vendors are running their virtual conferences, and it ain’t workin’.

Okay, neither AnsibleFest or HashiConf Digital were that bad. They really weren’t, and in fact, there were several interesting announcements from these events. Plus, OF COURSE, there is the excellent archive of free content available to folks that registered for the events, even if you register late just to get access.

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We Demand You Read All Of These Links

We demand nothing, actually. But if you want to read them, here are links to many of the topics Ned and Ethan discussed in this episode. We hope it saves you some clicking around, because no one’s got time for that!

Episode 73