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Day Two Cloud 074: Why Is There Still Shadow IT?

Episode 74

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Why are we talking about shadow IT in 2020? Didn’t we DevOps shadow IT out of the picture? Turns out we didn’t. All the initiatives and process changes that were supposed to eliminate the need for shadow IT didn’t quite work out the way we expected.

Part of the problem is that there are many, many cloud offerings and services that developers and others can go out and sign up for on their own, even if similar services are already provided by their in-house IT counterparts.

Our guest is Christopher Kusek. You can follow him on Twitter at @cxi.

We discuss:

  • Contention between traditional IT and developers
  • Fixing the IT/Dev relationship
  • Finding incentives and common ground
  • The role of security, legal, and compliance teams in addressing shadow IT
  • More


  1. DevOps is a journey, not a destination so be sure to set proper expectations in yourself and your business
  2. Shadow IT works in mysterious ways and can put an organization at risk of heavy liability
  3. Working without shadow IT is possible!
  4. You need sponsorship and support from the executive team
  5. Don’t boil the ocean, small steps and iterate

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Show Links:

@cxi – Christopher Kusek on Twitter

Why DevOps and Cloud First hasn’t fixed Shadow IT – The Pragmatic Tech

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Episode 74