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Day Two Cloud 075: Operationalizing Your Hybrid Cloud With VMware vRealize (Sponsored)

Episode 75

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Consistency is key for your cloud operations team and your end users (be they employees, customers, or developers). Consistency is the theme for today’s Day Two Cloud episode with sponsor VMware, as we discuss how to operationalize a hybrid cloud–that is, an environment where workloads share resources among a private data center or private cloud and the public cloud.

Our guests from VMware are Brandon Gordon, Staff Technical Marketing Architect; and Matt Bradford, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager. And yes, we talk about VMware vRealize Cloud Managemend and VMware Cloud on AWS, and we also get into cloud-native services.

We discuss:

  • The need for consistent operations across private and public clouds
  • Drivers of hybrid cloud adoption
  • Hybridizing brownfield and greenfield environments
  • Why self-service is the goal
  • The role of cost management
  • Reliability still matters, even when you’re running on someone else’s infrastructure
  • Don’t forget the network!


  1. Consistent operations are important for running highly optimized, performant, and governed infrastructure both on-prem and in public clouds like VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware vRealize Cloud Management provides this and is available on-prem and as SaaS.
  2. Don’t overlook the importance of self-service. Provide consistent and highly governed requestable infrastructure expeditiously.
  3. Just because you’re running in someone else’s datacenter doesn’t mean they’re responsible for your application SLA’s. It’s still crucial to manage your workloads the same way whether they’re under your roof or your provider’s.

Show Links:

VMware Cloud – VMware

VMware Cloud Management Blog – VMware

VMSpot – Matt Bradford’s Blog

@VMSpot – Matt Bradford on Twitter

@ImNotoriousBDG – Brandon Gordon on Twitter

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Episode 75