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Day Two Cloud 076: A Curated KubeCon And CloudNativeCon Roundup

Episode 76

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we review announcements and make our observations of the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2020 virtual event. There were at least fifty announcements released during these events, and we’re going to march you through each and every one!

Just kidding. We hand-selected a few of the most interesting to discuss, including from Sysdig, Equinix, and Mirantis (see links below). We also discuss our perceptions of the event, the quality of the technical sessions, the results of Cloud Native survey, and more.

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Tech Bytes: Riverbed And Automated Troubleshooting

Stay tuned for a sponsored Tech Bytes conversation where we talk to Riverbed about how to automate troubleshooting…which sounds like nonsense. But it isn’t. Not exactly. That is, when you have issues in your complicated application delivery infrastructure, what reactions can you automate to make the troubleshooting process useful? The big idea is to reduce your MTTR–mean time to resolution. Our guest is Chris Eckert, Technical Solutions Architect at Riverbed.

Show Links:

Vendor Lock-In. Maybe Not So Evil. – Packet Pushers YouTube

You Don’t Need a Service Mesh – Ned In The Cloud YouTube

Sysdig Introduces Low-Touch Zero Trust Network Security for Kubernetes – Sysdig

Equinix Triples Investment in Cloud Native Computing Foundation to Fuel Open Source Innovation – Equinix

Mirantis Lens Adds Extension API, Offering Seamless Integration with any Kubernetes Integrated Component, Toolkit, or Service – Mirantis

Kontena Lens – The Smart Dashboard for Kubernetes – YouTube

Kubernetes Security Specialist Certification Now Available – CNCF

Instana Allows Kubernetes-Based Deployment and Management of Self-Hosted On-Prem Version of Application Performance Management Solution – Instana

Spectro Cloud Releases Self-Hosted Version of Award-Winning Solution for Enterprise Kubernetes Infrastructure Stack Management – Spectro Cloud

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Episode 76