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Day Two Cloud 077: Why Kubernetes Is Wrong For You

Kubernetes is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the mirage in the distance you cannot reach, the MC Hammer you just can’t touch. Until you do, and you find that it’s a lot of sweat and baggy pants?

Er. What I mean is that while K8s seems like a shining paragon of Ops efficiency, the reality of running it is quite different. Is your organization up to the task? Is Kubernetes the thing you actually want or need?

In this Day Two Cloud episode we talk to Cory O’Daniel and Rishi Malik from Container Heroes, and they have some thoughts on the matter. So gather by the fire; prepare your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers; and we’ll talk about why Kubernetes is wrong for you.

We discuss:

  • The problems Kubernetes was designed to solve
  • The divergence of business needs and the tech hype cycle
  • The organizational impact of K8s adoption
  • DevOps alternatives to K8s
  • What to do if management insists on K8s
  • More

Takeaways: When Is Kubernetes The Wrong Choice?

  1. You don’t have the scale, growth, or need
  2. You don’t have the team to support it
  3. You don’t have a culture that can be successful

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Show Links:

@coryodaniel – Cory O’Daniel on Twitter

@whoisthisogre – Rishi Malik on Twitter

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Episode 77