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Day Two Cloud 079: Kubernetes Is Inevitable But Not Always Necessary

Episode 79

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Welcome to the Day Two Cloud podcast. There’s a lot of hype and fanfare around Kubernetes, but on today’s show we’ll cut through the hype with a guest who has enterprise experience with Kubernetes and containers–including the pain and problems.

As you might expect, those pains revolve around complexity, the ignorance of the Kubernetes platform, and the disconnect between the designers of Kubernetes and the people trying to use it now.

Our guest is Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic and host of the DiscoPosse podcast. You can also find Eric’s Pluralsight courses at his DiscoPosse page.

We discuss:

  • The pace of container adoption
  • Why networking remains a challenge
  • Orchestration alternatives to Kubernetes
  • Services, storage, security
  • Evangelist vs. advocate
  • Is Kubernetes the Nickelback of technology?
  • More


  1. Containerization is inevitable, but not necessarily removing virtualization/cloud
  2. Kubernetes is winning the scheduler war
  3. Enterprise container schedulers are in the primary phase and will evolve in the next phase over the coming 2 years

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Tech Bytes: Riverbed

Stay tuned for a Tech Bytes conversation with Riverbed where we discuss a customer tale of latency and its impact on network performance when moving applications to cloud. Our guests are Aly Walowski and Jack Sweeney from Riverbed.

Show Links:

@discoposse – Eric Wright on Twitter

DiscoPosse Podcast


Eric Wright on LinkedIn

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Episode 79