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Day Two Cloud 119: Unifying Multi-Cloud Security With Valtix (Sponsored)

The Valtix website describes their product as, “The first and only multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service that enables cloud teams to meet the most stringent security requirements in a cloud-first & simple way.”

There are a lot of promises made in that sentence. Security, of course, but the way that security is delivered is where the magic is. Multi-cloud. As-a-service. Accessible to teams. Cloud-first. And simple.

Valtix has sponsored today’s episode to explain exactly how they are delivering cloud-first, simple security to your public cloud environments. If you’ve got some virtual firewall in the cloud more or less mirroring what you’ve got on premises and think that’s good enough, we challenge you to listen to this episode to understand the Valtix approach. For most of you, the Valtix architecture is not the same thing you’re doing today, and we think you’re going to find the tech worth considering.

Our guests are Vishal Jain, co-founder & CTO, and Douglas Murray, CEO at Valtix.

More About Valtix? But Of Course!

Episode 119