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Day Two Cloud 120: Web Assembly, K8s Rivals, And Other Cloud Computing Trends

On today’s Day Two Cloud we talk trends and predictions in cloud computing, including emerging technologies such as Web assembly, rivals to Kubernetes, and the role of GitOps in infrastructure as code.

Our guest is Adrian Mouat, Chief Scientist at Container Solutions. His blog post “10 Predictions for the Future of Computing or; the Inane Ramblings of our Chief Scientist” inspired this episode.

We discuss:

  • Why technology predictions are tricky
  • Which predictions Adrian is most confident about
  • Web assembly and why infrastructure folks should care about it
  • Will GitOps become the dominant way to run Kubernetes
  • Whether cloud repatriation will become a thing
  • More

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Show Links:

10 Predictions for the Future of Computing or; the Inane Ramblings of our Chief Scientist – Container Solutions

@adrianmouat – Adrian Mouat on Twitter

Adrian Mouat on LinkedIn

GitOps: What You Need To Know Now Ebook – Container Solutions

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Episode 120