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Day Two Cloud 122: Two Customer Journeys To VMware Cloud (Sponsored)

Ethan Banks and Ned Bellavance hosted a panel discussion at VMworld 2021 with two VMware customers using VMware Cloud. This discussion looks at what works, where the customers ran into issues, and how their cloud journey is progressing.

Our guests are Mari Lovo, Director, IT, Cloud Infrastructure Services at University of Miami; and Vesko Pehlivanov, Senior Managing Director, Security and Technology Services, Solution Strategy and Architecture at Sterling National Bank.

Mari says approximately 30% of her workload is in the cloud, primarily on Azure. Vesko says Sterling National Bank has fully migrated its operations to the cloud, with a mix of workloads running in VMware Cloud and cloud-native applications.

We discuss:

  • The primary drivers when deciding whether to place an application in VMware Cloud or use the native public cloud constructs.
  • The main factors in deciding to leverage a major public cloud to run VMware Cloud as opposed to hosting yourself or running in a colo.
  • How they decided which public cloud to use for VMware Cloud
    Thinking about the time since you adopted VMware Cloud, what’s one big benefit you’ve discovered and one surprising challenge?
  • The long-term strategy with VMware Cloud –  Is it a transitional technology to public cloud, a steady-state deployment for specific applications, or a growing portion of your IT infrastructure?

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