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Day Two Cloud 123: Managing Multi-Cloud Applications And Infrastructure With vRealize Operations Cloud (Sponsored)

Welcome to Day Two Cloud, where the topic is visibility. Hybrid cloud visibility with a side of Kubernetes, to be specific. VMware has come alongside as today’s sponsor for a discussion about vRealize Operations Cloud to give you that visibility. “Visibility into what?” you might ask.

Visibility into your workloads and whether or not they are performing optimally. Are they over or under provisioned? Visibility into your dependencies, so you understand how applications are impacted by problems with various infrastructure components.

Visibility into your capacity, so you know if you’re gonna need more before next year, which is sort of a big deal considering global supply chain problems.

You get the idea. Our guests to help us get a handle on vRealize Operations Cloud are Sujatha David, Group Product Line Manager, Product Management; and David Pham, Senior Product Marketing Manager, both at VMware.

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Episode 123