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Day Two Cloud 126: Azure Arc And Building A Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft’s Azure Arc is a service that lets you deploy Azure resources on any infrastructure—Azure cloud and on-prem—and link that infrastructure to the Azure portal for a single point of management. It provides configuration, monitoring, and more for Windows and Linux servers, SQL servers, and Kubernetes (K8s) clusters whether they are local or in the public cloud. Microsoft is positioning Azure Arc to support hybrid cloud initiatives.

On today’s Day Two Cloud, we dig into Azure Arc with guest Ben Weissman, a Data Passionist at the consulting firm Solisyon. He’s also a Microsoft MVP and Pluralsight course creator.

We discuss:

  • Azure’s approach to hybrid cloud
  • Hybrid cloud challenges
  • How Azure Arc fits into other Azure offerings
  • What you need on-prem and in the cloud to use Azure Arc
  • Pricing issues
  • More


    1. The future is hybrid – for most of us at least. Find a way to deal with that!
    2. Simplicity is king – automation is a big part of that simplicity
      • Look into infrastructure as code
      • Powershell
      • bicep
    3. Use k8s (You’ll get it when you start looking into Azure Arc-enabled data services.)

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Episode 126