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Day Two Cloud 127: Avoiding Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Pitfalls

There are a lot of good things you can do with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for automation, repeatability, and ease of operations and development. But there are also code and infrastructure pitfalls where you can tumble into a hole, break your leg, and get eaten by spiders.

OK, maybe not  that bad, but on today’s episode we talk about potential IaC pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Our guest is Tim Davis, DevOps Advocate for env0.

We discuss:

  • Criteria for picking the right IaC framework and tools
  • Cultural vs. technical pitfalls
  • Handling a diverse set of targets
  • Rollback and your framework choice
  • Security ownership in IaC
  • Why testing and more testing are essential
  • More

Show Links:

@vTimD – Tim Davis on Twitter

Episode 127