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Day Two Cloud 130: Getting Started With OpenShift For Kubernetes Orchestration

Episode 130

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we have a career conversation with Angela Andrews, a Solution Architect at Red Hat. Angela provides an introduction to OpenShift, a cloud-based offering for running and orchestrating Kubernetes containers in public clouds and on premises from Red Hat.

But it’s not just about OpenShift. We also discuss how to integrate communication skills with technical knowledge, the role of a Solution Architect, how to stay on top of new and changing technologies, and more.


  1. Container Orchestration is really the only way to run containers at scale. Choose your platform carefully. You want the car with the features and ready to drive, not the one you have to build.
  2. Learning Kubernetes is a hands-on process. There are several platforms and local environments that give you access to K8s. Find one that works for you and your budget and explore.
  3. You can run OpenShift everywhere: bare metal, VMs (VMware, RHV, Nutanix), public or private cloud, edge

Show Links: – Angela’s blog

@scooterphoenix – Angela on Twitter

Angela Andrews on LinkedIn

Compiler Podcast – Red Hat

Red Hat Learning Subscription – Red Hat

OpenShift for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on – Udemy

A Cloud Guru

OpenShift and Kubernetes training – Red Hat Developer

Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches (ebook) –

Red Hat YouTube Channel – YouTube

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Episode 130