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Day Two Cloud 138: Rethinking Logs And Analysis With vRealize Log Insight Cloud (Sponsored)

Episode 138

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VMware is our sponsor today for an episode about logging. Specifically, we’re talking about vRealize Log Insight Cloud. It’s not just about collecting logs and events, and it’s not just for VMware products. What do you get out of the data being logged? That’s what’s interesting. This is much more than a pile of syslogs with a search engine dropped on top.

Our guests from VMware are David Pham, Senior Product Marketing Manager; and Varun Hariharan, Product Manager.

We discuss:

  • Exactly what’s being logged by this product
  • How it’s deployed
  • Real-time alerting vs. historical trending
  • Actionable items surfaced for ops teams
  • How VMware deals with data storage
  • What VMware means by adding structure to unstructured data
  • Machine learning
  • More

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vRealize Log Insight – VMware

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Episode 138