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Day Two Cloud 150: Proactive Network Operations With Augtera (Sponsored)

Episode 150

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Sponsor and startup Augtera Networks joins Day Two Cloud. We discuss Augtera’s proactive network analysis and operations product, which is meant to make you aware of problems before they become…problems.

As your network creeps across the Internet and other transits you don’t own to get to your apps in the cloud, I suspect the Augtera approach to network analysis will be interesting. Imagine bringing together network metrics you’re used to (flow data, for example) with metadata you’re not (workload tags).

Jim Meehan, Sr. Director of Product, is here to tell the Augtera Networks story.

We discuss:

  • How Augtera differentiates from other network visibility products
  • The data sources Augtera collects (flows, telemetry, SNMP, gNMI, gRPC, and more)
  • How Augtera breaks down traditional network data silos
  • The use of machine learning in the product
  • Skepticism about machine learning and AI
  • Going beyond anomaly detection
  • How Augtera is deployed
  • Augtera APIs and third-party integrations
  • More

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Live AI Multicloud Anomalies – Augtera Neteworks

@Augtera – Augtera Networks on Twitter

Augtera Networks on LinkedIn

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Episode 150