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Day Two Cloud 151: How To Tell If Infrastructure As Code Is Working For You

Episode 151

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud. Today’s episode gets into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and how to evaluate it so that IaC practices fit your organization, your processes, the infrastructure you’re trying to support, and so on. Our guest lays out some guideposts to help you understand if IaC is working for you.

That guest is George Richardson, a consultant at Scale Factory. This episode was inspired by a post George wrote called “How Infrastructure as Code Should Feel.”

Do your IaC practices make changes feel safe? Is your infrastructure stable? Is your code understandable? Does IaC make you fast? George discusses how these guideposts can help you evaluate how to make sure IaC works for you.

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Show Links:

How Infrastructure As Code Should Feel – Scale Factory

George Richardson’s Blog

George Richardson on GitHub

George Richardson on LinkedIn

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Episode 151