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Day Two Cloud 152: How To Right-Size Access With strongDM (Sponsored)

Episode 152

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud. We take on the problem of over-provisioning access to resources today. Not that you’ve ever, ever given someone more access to a thing then they should actually have because you were in a hurry, and they were in a hurry, and so you dropped them in that admin group because you just wanted to move on with your life. You’ve never done that. Of course you haven’t.

Except that you have. And I have. And Ned definitely has. Sponsor strongDM joins the conversation to share how to properly manage roles and access in our IT systems, focusing heavily on the process of discovery. Who has access to what, and why do they have that access?

Joining us from strongDM is Britt Crawford, Director of Product.


  1. No substitute for doing the research. Zero trust requires knowledge work.
  2. Apply that knowledge to reality via a software system.
  3. System must be easy to use for the people who are gaining access through it–else they will go around it.

Show Links:

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Episode 152