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Day Two Cloud 153: IaC With GPPL Or DSL? IDK

Episode 153

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On Day Two Cloud we’ve had a lot of discussions over using infrastructure as code, especially when it comes to the cloud. We’ve looked at solutions like Ansible, Terraform, the AWS CDK, and Pulumi. Which begs the question, which IaC solution should you learn? Does it matter what you already know? Does it matter how your organization is structured?

Should we even be talking about IaC and not IaS or IaD? Ned and I decided to sit down and have a chat, I hope you enjoy it. If you’ve got thoughts, hit us up on Twitter or join the Packet Pushers’ Slack.

We discuss:

  • The different approaches to Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Terms including IaC, DSL (Domain-Specific Language), GPPL (General Purpose Programming Language)
  • Pros and cons of each approach
  • Other tools
  • Whether you can do IaC with one tool
  • More

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Episode 153