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Day Two Cloud 156: Multi-Cloud Experience Monitoring With Broadcom Software (Sponsored)

Episode 156

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A modern networking problem most of us face is guaranteeing quality of experience for our users. Users are connected via networks we don’t own, and the apps are hosted on networks we don’t own. In fact, entire client-server and machine-to-machine transactions can and do happen across networks we didn’t design and have no control over. Welcome to the cloud era.

So what can a network operations team do about quality of experience in a world of cloud-hosted apps and cloud-connected users? To help us answer that question are Jeremy Rossbach and Alec Pinkham, both Sr. Product Marketing Managers with the sponsor of today’s episode, Broadcom Software.

We discuss:

  • Broadcom Software’s portfolio, including AppNeta
  • Why NetOps teams still need to address user experience of cloud and SaaS applications
  • How to measure and monitor user experience
  • Using agents and synthetic testing
  • Understanding the network path from user to app
  • More

Show Links:

Broadcom Software – Broadcom

Experience-Driven NetOps – Broadcom Software

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Episode 156