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Day Two Cloud 157: Highlights Of Cloud Field Day 14

Episode 157

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Today’s Day Two Cloud podcast brings you highlights from Cloud Field Day 14, where Day Two Cloud’s Ned Bellavance was a delegate. The Field Day event brings together cloud vendors and tech bloggers for in-depth presentations. Ned will share  highlights and impressions from presentations from companies including Weka, Alkira, and Morpheus Data. You can see the full presentations from Cloud Field Day 14 here.

We also welcome Chris Hayner as a guest co-host.

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  1. Public cloud battle is over, focus on multi and hybrid
  2. Consistency of experience and abstractions

Show Links:

Cloud Field Day 14 – Tech Field Day

Chaos Lever Podcast

@hayner80 – Chris Hayner on Twitter

@Ned1313 – Ned Bellavance on Twitter

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Episode 157