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Day Two Cloud 159: DevOps Is A Failure

Episode 159

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DevOps originated as a cultural movement to try and get developers and infrastructure operators to better work together to support applications in production. According to our guest Lee Briggs, that movement has failed. Today, according to Lee, the only people practicing “DevOps” are operators, and most DevOps tools are focused on operators, not developers. He writes “DevOps is about people on the operations side of the fence trying to convince Developers to do things their way.” That’s not going to happen.

On today’s episode we’ll examine Lee’s argument, discuss what happened to this cultural movement, and examine ways to bring developers into the circle. Guest is Lee Briggs has fifteen years of in-the-trenches experience as a help desk admin, a system administrator, an infrastructure engineer, and site reliability engineer. Today’s show was spurred by a blog post he wrote.

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Tech Bytes: NVIDIA

On today’s Tech Bytes podcast, we talk DPUs–you know smart NICs–with NVIDIA. The context is VMware’s Project Monterey. Wes Kennedy, TME for BlueField at NVIDIA, is here to discuss how NVIDIA is partnering with VMware to enable offloads of applications such as NSX and VSAN.

Show Links:

DevOps is a failure – – Lee’s blog

@briggsl – Lee Briggs on Twitter

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Episode 159