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Day Two Cloud 160: Going Deep Into Cilium Service Mesh With eBPF

Episode 160

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Today on the Day Two Cloud podcast we go deep on the Cilium service mesh, including a packet walk that takes us from packet ingestion all the way through a Kubernetes cluster. We also talk about how Cilium eBPF differs from other sidecar proxies and the potential performance and observability gains. Cilium is an open-source project under the Linux Foundation’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation hub.

Strap on your propeller beanie as we try to keep up with guest is Thomas Graf, CTO and Co-Founder of Isovalent. He’s also a co-creator of Cilium and chair of the eBPF Governing Board.

We discuss:

  • The Cilium project, what it does, and what’s in the Cilium 1.12 release
  • An overview of the Cilium Service Mesh and target use cases
  • Why Cilium using eBPF is a big deal
  • Whether the eBPF model is simpler than other sidecar proxies
  • Whether Cilium Service Mesh replaces another service mesh you might be using today
  • The Cilium Service Mesh roadmap

Show Links:

Cilium 1.12 GA: Cilium Service Mesh and other major new features for enterprise Kubernetes – CNCF

Cilium Service Mesh – Everything You Need to Know – Isovalent Blog

@tgraf__Thomas Graf on Twitter

Isovalent Blog

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Episode 160