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Day Two Cloud 161: Tech Marketing Sucks; Let’s Make It Better

Episode 161

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Tech marketing is often terrible. It can be boring and sales-focused. But this isn’t because marketers are bad at their jobs, according to our guest. Marketers know how to share content and get leads and move would-be buyers through the sales funnel.

The real problem is that marketers don’t know how to direct the right content to the right audiences. Marketers tend to develop material aimed at “C-level” or executive audiences, but that material doesn’t resonate with the developers and engineers who influence buying decisions, actually use products, and can easily choose their own cloud-based apps and services.

On today’s Day Two Cloud podcast we discuss where technical marketing goes wrong, and how to make it better. We also discuss why good communication is important even for technologists that don’t have a marketing role.

Our guest is Jon Myer, host of the Jon Myer Podcast Chief Content Creator at Myer Media.

We discuss:

  • The disconnect between audience and content
  • The need to grab attention
  • How to balance short-form and long-form content
  • Getting buy-in from the bottom up
  • Finding a trusted, independent voice
  • How internal tech teams can help marketing develop useful material
  • More

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Show Links:

@_JonMyer – Jon Myer on Twitter – Jon’s blog

Jon Myer on LinkedIn

Jon Myer on YouTube

@JonMyerPodcast – Jon Myer on TikTok

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Episode 161