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Day Two Cloud 163: Is The Tech Market Too Focused On Developers?

Episode 163

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Today on the Day Two Cloud podcast we have a frank discussion about tech marketing. Why? Because engineers are a target of marketing, so it’s helpful to know how marketing works, what’s trying to be communicated, and how it could be better. We also discuss whether the tech industry has over-committed on chasing developers while ignoring operations and sysadmins, why ops and sysadmins shouldn’t be ignored, and more.

Our guest is Gina Rosenthal, Founder, Digital Sunshine Solutions. This episode was sparked by a blog Gina wrote called “Is the age of sysadmins is behind us?”

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Is the age of sysadmins is behind us? – Digital Sunshine

@gminks – Gina Rosenthal on Twitter

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Episode 163