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Day Two Cloud 165: Does Your Infrastructure Need Istio?

Episode 165

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we dive into Istio with an engineer who lives and breathes the Istio service mesh. A service mesh automates how microservices connect with each other. With a service mesh you can enable traffic flows, apply access policies, monitor communications, and more. Istio isn’t the only service mesh out there, but it’s a popular and open-source choice.

Our guest is Kevin Davin, a senior back end engineer as well as a Google Development Expert on Google Cloud and a GitLab Hero.

We discuss:

  • How Kevin got into Kubernetes, microservices, and Istio
  • The core promise of Istio
  • Balancing the complexity of Istio with the capabilities it enables
  • When, and when not, to implement Istio
  • How Istio supports separation of duties and roles
  • Pre-planning for an Istio deployment
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Istio itself
  • The future of Istio
  • Istio vs. eBPF
  • More

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Show Links:

Kevin’s Blog

@davinkevin – Kevin Davin on Twitter

What Is Istio? – Google Cloud

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Episode 165