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Day Two Cloud 166: VMware: How Multi-Cloud Services Address Cloud Complexity (Sponsored)

Episode 166

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What does multi-cloud mean to you? Is it just that you’re operating in more than one cloud? Okay, fair enough. How’s that going for you operationally? If you’re on the infrastructure side, how’s life in multiple clouds going for your devs?

Sponsor VMware suspects that multi-cloud is going…not seamlessly for either group. In fact, the VMware folks join the Day Two Cloud podcast to highlight something new in IT—multi-cloud services, an emerging category of software designed to make your IT team’s multi-cloud reality easier to cope with.

What do we mean by “easier”? I’ll let our guests explain. Joining us today are Kit Colbert, CTO at VMware; and Amanda Blevins, Americas CTO at VMware.

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The Era of Multi-Cloud Services Has Arrived – VMware

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Episode 166