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Day Two Cloud 167: Interviewing At A Huge Tech Company

Episode 167

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we talk about what it’s like to interview for a job at a massive tech company. How do you get yourself in line? What can you expect from the interview? How do you prepare? How do you overcome your own imposter syndrome?

Our guest is Nathaniel Avery, Outbound Product Manager at Google Cloud. He recently ran the gauntlet of the tech interview, and is here to share tips and insights on the process.

We discuss:

  • Why someone would want to work at a big company
  • The application process and determining “fit”
  • Working with internal recruiters
  • Navigating and preparing for multiple interviews
  • Types of questions you might expect
  • If you get an offer, how to deal with salary negotiation
  • More


  1. You can do this.  It’s a job like any other. Don’t get hung up on  some idea of what you think_it is like to work at one of those places, or what your co-workers will be like personality wise. It’s only slightly like the HBO Show Silicon Valley.
  2. Be yourself. It’s a cliche, but it’s kind of true. Totally put your best foot forward, be respectful, punctual – all the things you’d do for any interview. But be you. They are looking for fit as well as knowledge and skill.
  3. Keep in mind that “fit” goes both ways. If you get bad vibes, then do some more digging and ask around a bit more than you might otherwise. Read between the lines on sites like blind that talk about employers. You can pick up on more than just salary info.

Sponsor: Datadog

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Show Links:

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@nathaniel_avery – Nate on Twitter

Nate Avery on LinkedIn

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Episode 167