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Day Two Cloud 168: Get Kubernetes Observability With AppDynamics Cloud (Sponsored)

Episode 168

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud! Today we’re discussing observability. For me, observability started with simple red light / green light back in the HP OpenView days looking at all the SNMP things, and progressed into the more robust Application Performance Management. We didn’t call it “observability” back then. We called it “monitoring.”

What’s the difference? To me, monitoring had a tendency to be reactive (oh crap, something broke), while observability emphasizes being proactive—that is, spotting issues ahead of time and dealing with them before it impacts users.

In the case of today’s sponsor, AppDynamics, part of Cisco, observability is about getting a clear picture of what’s happening with your public cloud hosted Kubernetes workloads. AppDynamics Cloud is at the center of our observability discussion. Joining us is Joe Byrne, VP of Technology Strategy and Executive CTO at AppDynamics.

We cover:

  • The recent launch of AppDynamics Cloud
  • The need for observability in cloud environments
  • The kinds of telemetry AppDynamics Cloud can ingest
  • Making sense of telemetry
  • More


  1. AppDynamics Cloud is purpose-built to observe the full-stack of cloud native architectures at scale. Customers can ingest and visualize all metrics, events, log and trace data from across your entire technology landscape.
  2. Take an AppDynamics Cloud guided tour at

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Episode 168