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Day Two Cloud 170: Sovereign DBaaS And Severalnines (Sponsored)

Episode 170

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud! On today’s episode—databases. More specifically, controlling your databases. We’re discussing the database control plane company Severalnines with CEO Vinay Joosery. Severalnines is sponsoring today’s discussion about sovereign Databases as a Service (DBaaS).

And if you’re thinking “Sovereign DBaaS. Like data sovereignty?” Yes,  data sovereignty, but there is more to the Sovereign DBaaS story than that. Quite a bit more, and we’re going to get into the details with Vinay.

We discuss:

  • Severalnines as a control plane for open-source databases, not a database itself
  • Using Severalnines for database operations and orchestration as a service (DBaaS)
  • How Severalnines differentiates from other options
  • Supporting database sovereignty
  • More


  1. DBaaS is here to stay but current thinking and solutions aren’t fit for purpose in today’s environment
  2. Data sovereignty is just one aim of Sovereign DBaaS, whose first principle is control over one’s data layer
  3. Implementing a Sovereign DBaaS concept oneself is possible, but ultimately infeasible for most organizations at scale

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Episode 170