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Day Two Cloud 171: The Challenges Of Scaling Microservices Testing

Episode 171

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we talk about testing. While developers do the testing, operators may be responsible for setting up testing environments, which can be a lot of work. That work increases with microservices because of all the complexities and dependencies that come with connecting and orchestrating microservices-based applications.

Today we talk about how to address testing challenges with Arjun Iyer, and explore a solution he’s developed for simplifying end-to-end microservices testing in a Kubernetes environment. This is not a sponsored show, but we do talk about Signadot, a startup Arjun founded in the testing space.

We discuss:

  • Whether ops or devs should be responsible for testing environments
  • How to maintain some parity between testing and production
  • Whether to use real data in a testing environment and potential issues of doing so
  • Integrating a testing environment for microservices with a service mesh, an observability stack, a CI/CD pipeline, a CNI and other elements
  • More

Sponsor: Kolide

Kolide is an endpoint security solution that helps your end users solve security problems themselves. They get smarter about security and you get more compliant computing. Find out more at

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Episode 171