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Day Two Cloud 196: Peering Behind The Curtain Of Podsqueeze’s AI Podcasting Service

Episode 196

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Today’s show gets behind the curtain of a cloud service called Podsqueeze. Podsqueeze is an application that ingests audio and video files and then produces text-based output including a show description, an episode transcript, suggested headlines, segment timestamps, suggested social media posts, and more. The Packet Pushers are experimenting with Podsqueeze as part of our own production. Being curious nerds, we thought this was a good opportunity to see how the service really works.

Our guest is Tiago Ferreira, one of the entrepreneurs and developers of Podsqueeze. This is not a sponsored episode, and Packet Pushers is not getting discounts or free services from Podsqueeze.

We discuss:

  • How Podsqueeze works
  • Integrating ChatGPT into the service
  • The backend architecture
  • Why the company chose GCP for its cloud
  • Why the company isn’t using Kubernetes
  • The Podsqueeze job scheduler/queue
  • Controlling cloud costs
  • Getting observability into performance
  • More

Show Links:

@wbetiago – Tiago on Twitter

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Episode 196