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Day Two Cloud 197: Understanding Decentralized Identity With Dr. Joanne Friedman

Episode 197

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On today’s Day Two Cloud we dive into a standard for Decentralized Identity, or DID. According to the W3C, which maintains the standard, DIDs “are a new type of globally unique identifier. They are designed to enable individuals and organizations to generate their own identifiers using systems they trust. These new identifiers enable entities to prove control over them by authenticating using cryptographic proofs such as digital signatures.” A DID can be a person, an object, an organization, a data model, or other subject.

DIDs are often associated with Web3 and technologies such as blockchain, but a blockchain isn’t required for DIDs. We explore DIDs, how they work, and what they can be used for with Dr. Joanne Friedman, CEO and Principal, Smart Manufacturing for Connektedminds.


  1. DID enables us to retake control over our digital dust, reduces/prevents identity theft- doesn’t have to be on a blockchain
  2. DID eliminates the need for passwords for every app, you could do a capability – e.g. user is in finance, anything related to finance from ERP to HR systems could be credentialed based on uber role
  3. The key to DID is the methods; what we use determines the outcome, do the deep dive into which methods suit the situation the best.

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Episode 197