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Day Two Cloud 202: How Azure Embraces Terraform For Infrastructure As Code

Episode 202

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The goal of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is to make common tasks repeatable. Microsoft Azure has IaC offerings including Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Bicep (an abstraction of ARM) for deploying Azure infrastructure. But ARM and Bicep aren’t the only players, For example, HashiCorp’s Terraform is widely adopted. On today’s Day Two Cloud, we talk with Microsoft about how it’s embracing Terraform to make it Azure-friendly, including the Terraform Export Tool, the AzAPI Provider, and a Terraform on Azure community.

Our guests from Microsoft are Mark Gray, Principal Product Manager; and Steven Ma, Product Manager. Please note this is not a sponsored show.

We discuss:

  • How Microsoft and HashiCorp work together
  • The Terraform Export Tool and the problems it’s meant to solve
  • Tool limitations and future releases
  • The AzAPI Provider
  • The Terraform on Azure community and how you can participate
  • More

Show Links:

Azure Terraform Export Tool – Azure

Azure Export Docs – Azure

AzAPI Docs – Azure

Join Azure Terraform Community

Join Azure Terraform Community Slack

@AzureTerraform – Azure Terraform Twitter

@markg_msft – Mark Gray on Twitter

Mark Gray on LinkedIn

Steven Ma on LinkedIn

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Episode 202