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Day Two Cloud 204: Deploying Cloud-Delivered Security With Cisco Secure Access (Sponsored)

Episode 204

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud. The Security Service Edge or SSE is a combination of security services delivered in one package. These services typically include zero trust network access, a secure web gateway, and a cloud access security broker. If you noticed a theme there, all three have a big idea of filtering traffic between a client and an app, looking for bad things happening, and making sure they don’t.

Our sponsor today is Cisco Systems. At Cisco Live US in June 2023, Cisco announced an SSE product called Cisco Secure Access. Cisco has a robust set of security products, so the announcement of Cisco Secure Access caused some level of confusion for folks. Is this a new product? Is it a rebranding of a Cisco security product I’m already using? Do I have the hardware in place to leverage Cisco Secure Access?

We’ll answer all those questions today and more. Our guest is Neil Patel, Product Manager at Cisco.

We discuss:

  • The components in a Secure Service Edge (SSE 0ffering)
  • The role of zero trust
  • Whether Cisco Secure Access is a VPN replacement
  • The Cisco Secure Access architecture and components
  • Cloud infrastructure and the user experience
  • How this fits into Cisco’s overall portfolio
  • More

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Episode 204