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Day Two Cloud 208: HashiCorp Licensing Changes And The Day Two Cloud-Chaos Lever Crossover

Episode 208

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Today on Day Two Cloud we dive into the implications of licensing changes that HashiCorp has made to its popular Terraform software. In short, the company has switched from an open source to a business source license. HashiCorp says it felt compelled to make the change to ensure that some other business entity doesn’t take the open-source software and turn it into a competing product (looking at you, AWS). Will the licensing change have a significant impact? For 99% of users probably not, but there are caveats and concerns to discuss.

This episode also covers some other items of note in the cloud world, including new technical projects, some cloud news, the collapse of NFT prices, and stupid AI tricks.

Today’s episode is a crossover with Chaos Lever, a weekly podcast co-hosted by Ned Bellavance and Chris Hayner that covers IT news.

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Episode 208