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Day Two Cloud 213: Get Application Visibility And Governance For Your K8s Clusters With Lens AppIQ (Sponsored)

Episode 213

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud! Today we talk with sponsor Mirantis about Lens AppIQ. If you’ve started using Kuberentes and you’ve got multiple clusters supporting many applications, Lens AppIQ help you get visibility into what’s going on. Lens AppIQ is a SaaS service that provides app-centric visibility, policy management, and governance. It’s targeted at developers and DevOps teams.

Our guest and guide for today’s show is Mirantis’s Daniel Echegaray, Team Lead, Lens AppIQ.

We discuss:

  • The Lens Desktop client and its components
  • Lens AppIQ and what it delivers
  • Benefits including visualization, policy management, and governance
  • Customer use cases for Lens AppIQ
  • How Lens AppIQ integrates with Lens Desktop
  • More

Show Links:

Try Lens AppIQ for free – Mirantis

Lens AppIQ – Mirantis

Lens AppIQ Learning Hub – Mirantis

Daniel Echegaray on LinkedIn

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Episode 213