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Day Two Cloud 214: Preparing People, Teams, And Infrastructure For Automation

Episode 214

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Welcome to Day Two Cloud. While it might be a cliche to say that automation is a journey, it’s also true. And if you want your journey to be successful, you have to prepare. On today’s show we talk about groundwork you can lay to implement infrastructure automation or Infrastructure as Code (IaC). And this isn’t just about tools and training (though we do also discuss these). There are organizational, team, and personal elements required to help people to incorporate automation into their daily work.

Our guest is Sebastian Maniak. He’s an entrepreneur, consultant, and educator at Maniak Ventures.

We discuss:

  • Preparing people for the career adjustments that come with infrastructure automation
  • How to build trust and overcome objections
  • Getting engineers to loosen their grip on manual processes
  • Why visibility is essential for infrastructure automation
  • The importance of a version control system
  • Tool recommendations
  • Infrastructure-as-code development environments
  • More

Sponsor: DoiT

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Show Links: – Sebastian’s blog

@SebbyCorp – Sebastian Maniak on X

Sebastian Maniak on LinkedIn

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Episode 214