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Day Two Cloud 216: Implementing Private AI Architecture With VMware (Sponsored)

Episode 216

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The goal of private AI is to bring AI models and compute to where your data is stored to ensure privacy and control. On today’s Day Two Cloud, sponsored by VMware, we dig more deeply into private AI, major use cases, and the kinds of data that get fed into a private AI system.

We also discuss the elements required to build out a private AI platform, how to connect to your data stores, and  VMware’s role in delivering infrastructure to enable private AI. We also discuss how to scale an AI stack and its potential impacts on day-to-day IT operations. Our guest is Chris Wolf, Vice President, VMware AI Labs.

Show Links:

VMware Puts the Power of Generative AI Within Reach of Any Enterprise – VMware

Announcing the launch of VMware Private AI: Democratize generative AI and ignite innovation for all enterprises – VMware

VMware’s Approach To Private AI – VMware Video Presentation

Deploying Enterprise-Ready Generative AI on VMware Private AI – VMware

ICYMI Watch “Responsible AI: What Role Should Humans Play?” – VMware Panel

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Episode 216