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Day Two Cloud 217: Building Successful Security Operations – Blue Teaming And Beyond

Episode 217

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Information security is a difficult job. On today’s Day Two Cloud we talk about how to build a successful security practice within your organization. Our guest is Swathi Joshi, VP, SaaS Cloud Security at Oracle. She breaks down security teams into three core groups: proactive security (making products secure from the get-go ), defensive security (detecting and responding to vulnerabilities and threats), and assurance (risk reduction, enabling secure access, meeting compliance requirements).

She also shares her insights around Security Operations Centers (SoCs), security automation, threat and vulnerability management, and successful blue team practices.

We discuss:

  • Integrating proactive, defensive, and assurance approaches to security
  • How to build a successful blue team
  • Having a breach and disclosure playbook
  • Prioritizing threats beyond CVEs
  • Ensuring security isn’t the “Department of No”
  • Becoming a security professional
  • More

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Show Links:

@swathijoshi – Swathi Joshi on X

Swathi Joshi on LinkedIn

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Episode 217