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ShowDay Two Cloud

Day Two Cloud 147: Google Cloud Is Not Just For Devs

Today on Day Two Cloud we peel back the curtains on Google Cloud with a GCP insider to find out how Google Cloud differentiates itself, its embrace of a multi-cloud approach, and more. Our guest is Richard Seroter, Director of Outbound Product Management...

Day Two Cloud 141: Developing Multicloud Fluency

Today's Day Two Cloud is a discussion about how to build your multicloud fluency. That is, having knowledge of, and competence in, more than one cloud. The short answer? Learn to code. That's the position of our guest Forrest Brazeal, and he brings his...

Day Two Cloud 139: Azure Bicep Is (Not) ARM

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast gets into Azure Bicep, a language that IT teams can use to deploy Azure resources in a consistent manner. While Bicep is Azure-specific, it can be useful as part of an Infrastructure-as-Code initiative. Guests Ben Weissman...