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ShowDay Two Cloud

Day Two Cloud 108: Putting The Dev In DevOps

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast dives into Cloud Development Kits (CDKs). How do CDKs differ from tools such as Terraform? What are the selling points for CDKs for infrastructure and development professionals? Our guest is Michael Levan, Researcher and...

Day Two Cloud 107: Making The Management Mistake

Today on the Day Two Cloud podcast, Ethan and Ned discuss two new AWS courses from Ned, and then tell stories about the time they took management jobs they shouldn't have. They share lessons learned about transitioning from technical to managerial roles...

Day Two Cloud 106: Towards A More Open Cloud

On today's Day Two Cloud we discuss the notion of open cloud. The premise is about reducing or minimizing costs of migrating from a public cloud. In theory, open cloud lets organizations keep their options open to make changes and reduces lock-in. But is...