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ShowDay Two Cloud

Day Two Cloud 099: Can Cloud Computing Get Simpler?

We're a good ten years into public cloud as an industry, and cloud operations don't seem to be getting any simpler. Why is that? Is it a problem? If so, can clouds become simpler? Guest Brian Gracely stops by the Day Two Cloud podcast to wrestle with...

Day Two Cloud 097: Azure Cloud Networking Essentials

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast explores essential networking capabilities in Azure, including Virtual WAN, VPN gateways, availability zones, SSL termination options, connecting premises and branch offices to the cloud, and more. Our guest is Pierre Roman...

Day Two Cloud 092: What AWS Lambda Is Good For

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast is a thorough introduction to AWS Lambda, which is AWS's serverless compute service. We discuss how Lamdba works, what it can do, use cases, and more. Our guide for today's conversation is Julian Wood, Senior Developer...

Day Two Cloud 091: BGP School For Cloud People

On today's Day Two Cloud, Ethan Banks and Ned Bellavance dive into essentials about BGP including why it's so widely used, concepts such as the Autonomous System (AS), the AS number, loop prevention, BGP communities, IBGP, EBGP, and more.