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Sponsorship Opportunities

Day Two Cloud is part of the Packet Pushers podcast network, with well over 100K subscribers from all over the world. These folks gain professional career development with every episode they listen to. Day Two Cloud is the fastest growing podcast in the the Packet Pushers network.

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Why Does Sponsoring Day Two Cloud Make Sense?

Podcasting creates a deeply connected, engaged audience, because of the personal attachment listeners form with the hosts. Co-hosts Ned and Ethan are highly technical with a focus on IT practitioners. Listeners are connected to these IT warriors fighting alongside them in the cloudy skies.

The Day Two Cloud audience enjoys hearing about new products and technology in an open forum focused on practical details. Listeners tell us our style makes them feel like they are “in the room.”

Our podcasts provide a uniquely effective way to reach networking and IT professionals. Unlike web pages or video, podcasts can be enjoyed almost anywhere: during a commute, on an airplane, or while working out. Even mowing the lawn…or in the shower. (We’ve heard that one far more than we’re comfortable with.)

Our sponsors consistently report that the content they make with us create strong brand awareness and generate qualified leads. Yeah. “Qualified.” The inbounds you’ll get will be from smart folks who listened to the episode you sponsored. They’ve done their homework, and already know your product might be exactly what they need.

Recording a podcast requires just a few hours of your time to organize logistics, plan content, and then prepare speakers. It takes less than 90 minutes to record the show over the Internet–no travel or hotels necessary.

That’s really all there is to it. Podcasting is highly targeted, effective, and far easier to execute than a conference. Submit your information in the form above, and let’s talk!